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Monday, July 7, 2014

One of my favorite bath time products

When my son was a newborn bath time wasn't always easy. In fact it was a downright nightmare unless I used one of my favorite bath time products, a bath cozy. It's essentially a bath towel that you soak and place on the baby so they don't get cold during bath time.
Below is the one that I had for JD.  He would immediately start to shiver whenever I first placed him in the tub and as soon as I took the towel off of him after.

It was always an enjoyable experience for us both if I used this.

We always had lots of fun with the bath.  Now as an active 3 year old bath time takes on an entirely different meaning.  We play, color with bath crayons and there's lots of silliness and other general happiness.

As you can see he was generally a happy baby after the bath was over.

I absolutely 100% recommend every mom (or dad) to buy one of these when they have a baby.

It's a must have for bath time for the little ones.