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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My Life Today

So, Today started off pretty normal.

Alarm goes off, I get up and attempt to get ready before my 3 year old JD wakes up.  OF COURSE .067952 seconds after I'm up and out of bed he's up to.  He sleeps in his own room but if he wakes up in the middle of the night he can sleep with me.

"Mommy, is it time for school?"

"In a little bit it is baby, go back to sleep, you don't need to get up yet"

This only works about once in about 187,000 tries.  Today was not one of those times.  I pick him up, deposit him on the couch and put Disney Junior on for him.  Because thankfully the people who do the scheduling for the kid stations realize that cartoons need to be on before 6 am!

Well, now I've got about 3 minutes of peace in which to get ready before the questions start (I'm hungry, thirsty, is it time to go to school yet, etc)

In the time it takes me to quickly get ready I realize that my internet is down (yet again).  Whenever this happens it's HIGHLY inconvenient because I work from home 90% of the time.  I NEED Internet to be able to work.

I drop little man off at daycare (thank goodness today was a quick and easy dropoff) then go home to see if I can deal with the problem myself.

I tried resetting the modem and the router twice.  Restarted my computer all to no avail.  Get on the phone with Charter and they go through the same crap that I just did.  and GUESS WHAT?  It didn't do squat just like I knew would happen.

Long story short, I spent 30 minutes on the phone.  For them to tell me that they couldn't do anything on the phone (no crap, I already did everything that you said to try and it still didn't work).  I now have an appointment anywhere from 1-3.

This isn't really cool.  I work from home.  So I'm camped out at Starbucks for a little while so I can get some free (or at least for the price of a venti salted caramel mocha) for a few hours of internet access.

They have free WiFi but it's slow as dirt.  I've been trying to download some files for literally an hour and I think (hope, pray) that I'll be done soon.  As soon as the download finishes I need to head back to the apartment.  Just in case they can actually get to me before 1 pm.  They put in a "priority" but who the hell knows if they will actually do anything about it.

In the mean time I'm sitting here drinking my salted caramel mocha and getting some work done.  It's not all that bad but it's not like my desk in my home office that I'm used to.

This internet speed here is awful.  534/723 MB of the download so far and it's killing me!  If it were Wednesday I could have gone to my neighbor's a few buildings away but it's not Wednesday and he's at work.

Hopefully the rest of the day goes better than the morning has so far!