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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Tablets - What's right for you?

So recently my boyfriend asked me what a good tablet would be for his 7 year old daughter for her birthday.  He asked me because I have an iPad mini.  I told him that he won't go wrong with a Kindle Fire.

Had it not come out when it did I would have a Kindle Fire.

I think the Kindle Fire is a fantastic tablet for the price.  It's one of the best in fact.  Apple's products are good yes but they always come at a premium price because that's just how Apple operates.

Not only is a Kindle Fire a fully functional tablet just like an iPad but it's a couple hundred buck cheaper.

Scale factor is the same as my iPad mini so that's not an issue either.  I don't like the full size iPad because it's too big in my opinion.  The Kindle Fire is a perfect size.  And it runs around $100 less than the comparable iPad.

The added bonus of the new version of the Kindle Fire HDX is the "Kindle Free Time."

You can set limits for your kids for watching videos, reading books, playing games.  It automatically cuts off when the time limit had been reached.  It's an awesome idea that the iPad doesn't have.