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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Trials in Hair Maintenance

Since I moved out on my own a bit over a year ago I've had to figure out who was going to cut my hair.  The guy who was previously cutting my hair (for the previous 8 years had moved out of state on me.  I absolutely loved him.  He cut my hair and my son's hair.

He referred me to another girl whom I really loved but she wound up leaving her salon and I had no way to find her.  I tried a neighbor's ex wife who is a stylist and she charged me $50 to cut my hair and $18 to cut my 3 year olds!!!!!  I have NEVER paid that much to get my hair cut either here or in New Jersey.

Anyway, after the $18 buzz cut I decided to buy a pair of hair clippers and just cut JD's hair myself.  It's a simple buzz cut so not a big deal.  My mom is also a retires hair stylist/barber so she's going to show me how to cut his hair.

After lots of research I stumbled upon this set of clippers.  It has everything that I need and to boot it was only $36 so after 3 haircuts it's more than paid for itself.

It's easy to hold and manipulate and it serves my needs perfectly.  I'm hoping to get several years of use out of it.